The Ultimate Guide To Golden Corral’s Breakfast Menu

Welcome to the definitive guide to the Golden Corral’s breakfast menu! If you enjoy breakfast or are just searching for a hearty morning meal, Golden Corral can accommodate you.

Golden Corral’s breakfast menu is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and kick-start your day on a delightful note, as it offers a variety of delectable options.

Golden Corral offers a variety of breakfast options to satisfy every taste, including pancakes, bacon, and omelets prepared to order, as well as savory biscuits and gravy, golden hash browns, and fresh fruits.

Golden Corral's Breakfast Menu

Whether you prefer a breakfast buffet or a plate prepared to order, you will find an abundance of flavorful dishes to enjoy. Prepare for a breakfast journey and uncover the delectable flavors awaiting you at Golden Corral!

If you’re looking to satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank, Golden Corral menu prices are a fantastic option.

Not all Golden Corral locations serve breakfast

Golden Corral's Breakfast Menu

You read that correctly. It may not be available at all Golden Corral locations, despite your desire to sample the restaurant’s breakfast menu. What’s the reason? Locational distinctions are to blame.

There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason as to why some locations offer breakfast while others do not.

If you find a Golden Corral that serves breakfast, don’t be astonished if you’re told that it’s only available on certain days. Unfortunately, many Golden Corral locations only serve breakfast on weekends.

These locations frequently have varying hours that change throughout the week to facilitate the restaurant’s menu.

According to employees we’ve spoken with, some locations open at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, but open earlier to serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

It is irritating not to know whether or not your Golden Corral serves breakfast in the morning. However, to confirm whether or not the location closest to you serves breakfast, it is best to call them beforehand.

Keto-friendly options abound

Golden Corral's Breakfast Menu

Maintaining a strict keto diet can be difficult at times. This is particularly important when dining out. Thankfully, the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral may provide the solutions you need to satiate your hunger without violating your diet.

Golden Corral offers a variety of options for those adhering to a strict ketogenic diet, and these options do not disappoint. Choose from low-carb options such as bacon, sausage, eggs, and cheese to satisfy your breakfast cravings without feeling regretful.

Want something a little bit sweet?Golden Corral has you covered in this regard as well. Thankfully, Golden Corral offers several naturally low-carb keto options for toppings.

Ask for the sugar-free syrup, which contains only 6 grams of carbohydrate per serving, or peruse the available keto-friendly seasonal fruits. Blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe are popular keto breakfast foods that fit in perfectly on a plate.

You can even add a sprinkling of whipped topping to your fruit because it contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

You can customize your eggs

It is not common to discover customizable options at a local buffet. That’s why we’re ecstatic to report that you can get your eggs cooked to order when dining at Golden Corral for brunch.

Eggs made to order are ideal for picky infants or those who prefer their eggs prepared differently than the standard scrambled style. Whether you prefer your eggs sunny side up, fried, or over-easy, you can rely on your local Golden Corral restaurant to serve them to you fresh and piping hot.

Desire something with a bit more flair? Why not attempt to make your own omelet? Locations of Golden Corral that serve breakfast also feature an Omelet Station.

The Omelet Station enables you to choose from enticing toppings to create your own custom, fluffy egg crepe stuffed with all of your favorite fillings. Choose from crumbled sausage, diced peppers, mushrooms, onions, and, of course, copious amounts of oozing cheese.

Chocolate is on the menu

Chocolate for breakfast may seem strange to some, but Golden Corral evidently considers it the ideal breakfast treat. Even during breakfast hours, a number of establishments continue to offer the cherished and irresistible chocolate fountains.

Others are loitering in the aisles in search of something a bit sweeter, while the majority of people are grabbing breakfast foods such as sausage, eggs, hash browns, and biscuits.

If you have a sweet tooth in the morning, you now have reason to exult. Golden Corral offers a variety of dippable alternatives for this extraordinary fountain of decadence, the majority of which are available during breakfast hours.

This fondue fountain at Golden Corral is known as the “Chocolate Wonderfall” and encompasses multiple tiers. Most locations permit dipping crispy rice treats, marshmallows, and other delights on a long, skinny skewer into the chocolate cascade.

Obviously, what you can dip depends on the availability of ingredients at each location. Still, one thing is certain: we adore having the opportunity to indulge in fondue-delight first thing in the morning!

Gluten-free dining is totally possible

Golden Corral's Breakfast Menu

If you follow a gluten-free diet, you’ll be pleased to know that Golden Corral offers a variety of gluten-free breakfast options. However, you should be aware that Golden Corral’s allergen statement expressly states that the restaurant is not responsible for cross-contamination that may occur during preparation.

Therefore, although Golden Corral offers gluten-free breakfast options, the company cannot guarantee that these items have never been in communication with gluten-containing substances.

If you do not have severe gluten allergies or merely prefer to avoid gluten for personal reasons, it is helpful to know that Golden Corral has several gluten-free breakfast options that allow you to eat there. Choose from bacon, eggs, fruit, and yogurt, among other options, to satiate your hunger without violating your special diet.

The only disadvantage? Currently, Golden Corral does not offer substitutions for gluten-containing foods.

This means you will likely not be able to enjoy gluten-free waffles, French toast, or crepes in the near future. Still, with all the gluten-free options currently available at Golden Corral, we’re confident that you’ll find something to satisfy your palate… and your diet.

Order breakfast online or to go if you’re in a rush

Going to work and need a short breakfast? Breakfast grab-and-go options at Golden Corral are plentiful and delicious, so you don’t have to eat in.

Your first option at Golden Corral is to order “to go” instead of dining in. Simply call your local Golden Corral or submit your order online to do so. From there, you can choose to have your food delivered curbside or to walk in and take it yourself.

Have the app for Golden Corral? That’s even greater. When you’re busy, on the go, or just in a hurry, ordering through the app is a great option. Simply pull out your phone and make a few taps to order breakfast.

Choose what you’d like to consume, how you’d like to pick it up, and when you’d like to grab it. That is all!

Golden Corral’s “Weigh and Pay” service is an additional excellent option for speedy dining. This option will require you to enter the restaurant. But have no fear; you’ll be in and out swiftly.

To take advantage of this option, acquire a container and fill it with as many sausages, hashbrowns, eggs, and other delectable breakfast foods as you can carry. Bring this container to the register before paying by the pound for your food purchases. Easy, correct?

Some of the breakfast items aren’t the healthiest

Yes, we are aware that Golden Corral is not typically thought of as a health food restaurant, but it is still important to note that certain items may need to be avoided if you are particularly health conscious.

In addition to the three slices of French toast that will add 610 calories to your diet when served without toppings, you should be aware that the maple syrup will add 30 grams of sugar to your diet before it even reaches a pancake.

Are you anxious about lipids and fat? If this is the case, you should avoid the sausage, bacon, and breakfast casseroles served by Golden Corral. These dishes are incredibly tasty, but they are also laden with fat and grease.

However, despite these facts, we’d like to remind you that you can customize your omelet to include only vegetables and cheese if you so choose. This enables you to retain the succulent flavor of your favorite savory breakfast eggs while packing them with healthy vegetables such as peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

Still not satisfied? Consider sampling the restaurant’s seasonal fruits, beverages, and sugar-free alternatives. Combine them with egg whites or yogurt for a balanced and nutritious breakfast!

When it comes to toppings, you’ve got options

Almost certainly, we can all concur that buffet-style restaurants offer some of the best condiments. Thankfully, Golden Corral is the same. Golden Corral has everything, plus more.

Regarding waffles, we’d like to point out that Golden Corral offers a variety of luscious syrups to drizzle over pancakes, French toast, and other breakfast dishes. Check out the strawberry and sugar-free syrup if you’re searching for something a bit different.

Everyone knows that a waffle is incomplete without at least one of these toppings: whipped cream and honey margarine.

Not a lover of elaborate condiments? We get it. We are pleased to report that Golden Corral offers traditional accoutrements for those of us who prefer not to deviate too far from the norm.

Before drizzling them with traditional maple syrup, slather waffles and crepes with rich yet simple whipped margarine. When dining at Golden Corral, you are certain to find a variety of breakfast toppings to suit your tastes.

Breakfast at Golden Corral isn’t 24/7

We regret being the purveyors of bad news, but all good things must come to an end, and Golden Corral’s breakfast is no exception.

Even though breakfast typically begins between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., you only have until 11:00 a.m. to enjoy your beloved breakfast foods. If you intend to make Golden Corral your morning wake-up call, you should set an alarm and leave the home on time. There is nothing worse than arriving 10 minutes late to the brunch buffet.

Nonetheless, you have roughly three and a half hours to consume food before time runs out. In all honesty, 11 a.m. is a fairly typical brunch cutoff time at most restaurants.

Those of us who adore the taste of waffles and sausage at 11 p.m. cannot help but lament the fact that Golden Corral does not serve breakfast around the clock. However, one must accept what one can get.

Dessert isn’t only for after dinner

Want vanilla soft serve prior to punching in at work?Golden Corral can make it happen. That is correct. The unusual placement of confectionery items on the breakfast menu at Golden Corral has stunned us.

Even on its online Golden Corral’s breakfast menu, this homestyle buffet restaurant offers dessert, which is quite unusual. At Golden Corral, desserts such as cakes, pies, and vanilla soft serve are regarded as equally delectable as any other breakfast mainstay.

This means that you may, if you so choose, load your breakfast plate with an assortment of tantalizing candies, puddings, and other sweets.

Not a fan of the sugar? Be sure to look around for sugar-free options that are available today. Though Golden Corral does not specify what these options are, if they are anything like their “regular” desserts, we are confident that they will be delicious.

Simply ask the manager or another member of staff for directions to the sugar-free options, and you’ll be set!

Allergy-prone breakfast enthusiasts bewar

It has already been mentioned, but we will mention it again. If you have a severe allergy, you may want to avoid Golden Corral for the time being.

Golden Corral reaffirms that its procedures are not exclusively allergen-friendly, in contrast to other restaurants that adhere to specific protocols to protect those with food allergies from cross-contamination.

This means that something containing a food allergen may occasionally come into contact with something that does not contain that allergen.

In its allergen statement, Golden Corral explains that cross-contamination can occur naturally as a result of its “handcrafted” preparation process.

The restaurant also attributes these risks to its partnerships with external suppliers and buffet-style service, both of which naturally increase the likelihood of food contamination.

Accidents occur, and people can be odd, so we can’t expect everyone to use the same serving spoon and place it back in its original location when they scoop up their food. Therefore, those with severe allergies should avoid Golden Corral for brunch… at least for now.

Dining in for breakfast means you’ll need to tip

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do I really need to tip a buffet waitress?” then this is the article for you. Contrary to popular belief, Golden Corral does expect a gratuity, and no, that does not mean a couple of bucks on a $50 bill. In actuality, the tipping percentage at Golden Corral should be comparable to that of a “normal” restaurant.

Surprised? Not to be. Although you technically serve yourself at buffet-style restaurants, waiters and hostesses are available to assist you. They will take your drink orders, ensure you have a pleasant stay, and clear away the soggy pancake you didn’t complete.

Yes, the waiters and hostesses at Golden Corral only serve drinks and refills, but they also perform other duties that you are unaware of.

Keep in mind that waiters and waitresses are frequently paid below minimum wage and rely on gratuities to supplement their income. Without gratuities, servers can earn significantly less than the value of their labor.

Don’t be fooled, therefore, by the fact that your Golden Corral server does not perform the duties of traditional wait staff; he or she is still performing laborious work for which they deserve compensation. In general, 10-15% gratuities are sufficient for banquets of this nature.

The Golden Corral’s breakfast offerings garner split reviews

No restaurant is complete without a plethora of customer evaluations ranging from ecstatic to scathing. Thankfully, most evaluations of the breakfast shift at Golden Corral are quite positive.

People appear to be impressed by the variety of options, particularly considering the reasonable prices. From pancakes to omelets to even dessert, Golden Corral provides a wide variety of tasty breakfast items to help you face the day.

What are the cons? Several reviews indicate that some breakfast items may be superior to others. For instance, the YouTuber known as Food Traveler in the I.E. claims that the breakfast is delicious, but the tater tots are undercooked.

Despite these trivial complaints, the menu appears to be generally well-received. In fact, the most common complaint we’ve heard from breakfast lovers is that they can only enjoy Golden Corral’s breakfast on the weekend or not at all at certain locations.

FAQs – Golden Corral’s Breakfast Menu

The Ultimate Guide To Golden Corral's Breakfast Menu

Read More:

What time does Golden Corral serve breakfast?

Breakfast is typically served from the time the restaurant opens until 11:00 a.m., but you should verify with your local restaurant for exact hours.

Is Golden Corral’s breakfast menu available every day?

Yes, the brunch menu at Golden Corral is available daily, including on weekends and holidays.

What are the popular items on Golden Corral’s breakfast menu?

Popular breakfast menu items at Golden Corral include pancakes, bacon, omelets, biscuits and gravy, hash potatoes, and fresh fruits.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options on Golden Corral’s breakfast menu?

While the majority of breakfast options at Golden Corral are meat based, vegetarian options such as fresh fruits, oatmeal, yogurt, and cereal are typically available. Vegan options may be limited; therefore, it is advised to inquire with the staff about specific options.

Does Golden Corral offer a breakfast buffet?

Yes, Golden Corral provides a brunch buffet with a variety of breakfast items.

Can I order made-to-order omelets at Golden Corral?

Absolutely! Typically, Golden Corral has a station where you can personalize your omelet with a variety of fillings and garnishes.

Are there gluten-free options available on Golden Corral’s breakfast menu?

There may be gluten-free breakfast options at Golden Corral, including eggs, bacon, and fresh produce. However, cross-contamination is possible in a buffet setting; therefore, you should communicate with the staff to ensure that your dietary needs are met.

Does Golden Corral serve coffee and other beverages during breakfast?

Yes, Golden Corral offers coffee alongside a variety of other breakfast beverages, including juice, tea, and milk.

Can I take my kids to Golden Corral for breakfast?

Absolutely! Golden Corral is family-friendly and serves breakfast to visitors of all ages, including children.

Is there a separate price for the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral’s breakfast buffet typically has a distinct price. Prices may vary based on location and age; therefore, it is recommended to contact your local restaurant for pricing information.


The breakfast menu at Golden Corral offers a variety of delicious options to start the day off properly.

There is something for everyone to enjoy, ranging from pancakes and bacon to omelets made to order and biscuits with gravy. Golden Corral has you covered whether you favor a hearty buffet-style breakfast or a customized plate.

Additionally, they offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to accommodate various dietary preferences. Golden Corral’s welcoming ambiance and family-friendly environment make it an excellent choice for breakfast, where you can indulge in a variety of delicious dishes to satiate your morning cravings.

So, grab a plate and prepare to investigate the delectable flavors of the breakfast menu at Golden Corral!

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