Golden Corral Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work There

Golden Corral Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work There, a renowned American buffet restaurant chain, provides a unique perspective on the experiences of its employees.

In order to obtain insight into what it’s like to work at Golden Corral, employees have provided firsthand accounts.

These employees, ranging from servers and chefs to dishwashers and managers, offer valuable insight into the daily operations, challenges, and rewards of working at Golden Corral.

Their accounts cast light on numerous aspects of the job, including the fast-paced environment, teamwork, customer interactions, and company advancement opportunities.

By delving into their experiences, one gains a deeper comprehension of the realities and experiences of the individuals who contribute to Golden Corral’s success.

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Golden Corral workers might deal with unsanitary conditions

The cleanliness of a restaurant is one of the most essential aspects of its maintenance. If the front of the house or the kitchen appear dirty, you risk losing consumers, and a visit from the health department could result in the closure of your business.

However, there are a number of reasons why some restaurants, including Golden Corral, lag behind in this area.

An anonymous employee allegedly alerted them by posting alarming photographs to Reddit, which depicted the conditions in the restaurant’s kitchen.

According to the employee who blew the whistle, this is how the rear of that Golden Corral looked the majority of the time.

This is not the first time a restaurant employee has exposed improper food management procedures.

During a health inspector’s visit to a Golden Corral in Port Orange, Florida, a worker allegedly uploaded a YouTube video that showed trays of raw meat being wheeled to a dumpster outside the restaurant. Despite Golden Corral’s vehement denials that the food was ever served, the manager of that location was terminated.

The benefits for part-time Golden Corral workers are sub-par

According to employees on Glassdoor, working with such a large volume of food and managing so many customers can be taxing, but Golden Corral does not compensate with generous benefits. As of July 2019, the restaurant chain was rated only 2.1 out of 5 stars by its employees on the review website.

Others pointed out that their location was a private franchise (451 of the chain’s 489 locations are franchises), which allows management to choose which benefits to offer their employees. Sadly, it appears that this frequently translates to “none,” particularly considering that employers can schedule workers so that they just miss the hours threshold for receiving benefits.

Golden Corral does not provide paid time off, vacation, medical leave, or health benefits. This could be due to the fact that it was a franchise, speculated one employee.

Managers of company-owned and operated stores have more opportunities. However, with only 38 restaurants operating outside of the franchise model and these benefits applicable only to management, it is likely that the majority of Golden Corral employees do not qualify for these benefits.

It can be a struggle for some to be treated equally at Golden Corral

There are multiple former employees of the chain who allege sexual harassment and/or discrimination.

One employee on a company review website stated that their manager “has a tendency to believe he is living in the 1800s and can be very racist at times,” which is evidently unacceptable for any employee to hear or tolerate.

Unfortunately, in some extreme instances, a manager’s poor behavior can be directed at the employees.

In 1997, Joyce Ann Reynolds, a former employee, accused her supervisor at Golden Corral of making inappropriate sexual comments and advances towards her. She claimed that she experienced physical and verbal abuse in the workplace and asserted that the restaurant chain did not adequately protect her after she reported the incidents.

While it is true that each Golden Corral franchise is owned and operated by an individual, if they desire to ensure a secure work environment for every employee, they might need to review and modify their training methods.

Golden Corral workers might have to deal with rude customers

Did you know that some foods, such as pork, beef, sesame seeds, and spinach, can boost your mood? It would seem that Golden Corral’s customers would be the happiest and friendliest in the area, given the amount of food it serves. According to multiple former employees, it simply does not operate that way.

Some complaints are almost too burdensome for us to consider. “The worst thing I’ve ever witnessed is how they treat the restrooms; what happens to civility when people are behind a stall door?

” pondered a frustrated employee. In addition, they cited customers who throw money on the counter instead of delivering it to the cashier as an example of the rudeness buffet chain employees encounter.

Another employee stated that the guests could become irate and unreasonable, which must be exceptionally exhausting given their lengthy work hours.

Unfortunately, the wait staff at Golden Corral must simply endure it with a smile.

As per a Reddit post by an employee, they mentioned being paid less than minimum wage and relying heavily on gratuities as their primary source of income, even though they work in a buffet setting.

Even if a customer is rude, the server must remain friendly and courteous in order to make a livelihood.

The training at Golden Corral can be brutal (and you might not get paid for it)

When an employer pays for training hours, it is always a relieve. After all, you wouldn’t be there in your spare time to view PowerPoint presentations on OSHA regulations and HR policies, would you?

Some associate managers undergoing training at Golden Corral were dissatisfied with the compensation they received for the arduous sessions and filed a lawsuit against the company for back pay. They succeeded in their legal action and obtained the compensation they sought.

The employees who filed the claims stated that the company required them to work 40 to 70 hours per week during their training, but they received a fixed payment that did not consider their overtime hours.

Golden Corral ultimately agreed to compensate the affected employees adequately with $3.9 million and had the obligation to notify associate managers who worked for the chain between 2013 and 2017 about the lawsuit and their right to seek compensation.

Owning a Golden Corral franchise may not be all it’s cracked up to be

Golden Corral has more than 400 franchise locations, and the company has continued to thrive despite the overall decline of the buffet restaurant industry. However, if you wish to establish a Golden Corral franchise, you may wish to exercise caution.

Geraldine Poteat was a franchisee in this category.

She alleges that she entered into a contract with Golden Corral to open a restaurant in Newark, New Jersey. Poteat ultimately lost her franchise and is suing the chain.

Other franchisees, however, have had a vastly different experience. A couple from New Jersey stated that opening a Golden Corral restaurant was one of the greatest decisions they’ve ever made, citing the support of upper management in particular. In any case, it appears that you intend to conduct extensive research.

The co-workers at Golden Corral are great, but management can be tough

Many current and former employees of Golden Corral, when asked about their favorite aspect of the job, cited their coworkers and the customers they serve.

One employee stated, “I enjoy going to work because of my coworkers and the customers I interact with daily.”

The management at Golden Corral can be challenging to work with, according to multiple reviews of employment at the restaurant. Supposedly, communication between management and employees can be difficult.

One employee who otherwise rated Golden Corral four out of five stars said, “If managers tried harder to treat employees like adults instead of children and were more compassionate about our needs instead of their profit, going to work would be more enjoyable.”

Unfortunately, this job dissatisfaction may not be unique to Golden Corral.

Multiple studies have indicated that restaurant workers express dissatisfaction with their jobs, with up to fifty percent of the surveyed individuals stating their dislike for their positions.

This is a widespread problem, and Golden Corral is not exempt.

Golden Corral workers get free food

Working without health insurance, vacation time, and sick leave can be a burden, but what always improves our mood?

A filling supper. Depending on the policies of their specific franchise, Golden Corral employees who experience excessive workload may qualify for a complimentary or discounted meal, which can help alleviate stress.

A Glassdoor employee stated that they received “free food on the clock,” while an employee at a Golden Corral in Richmond, Kentucky stated that “the only benefit I know of is half-price meals when you work,” which is not precisely free, but is better than nothing. Another employee stated that brunch was provided at a discount.

When they do receive sustenance, it is merely adequate.

A Golden Corral employee stated that the quality of the steak is relatively good, possibly a B or C grade. These circumstances align with the expectations for a restaurant operating at a high volume and low profit margin.

However, a different employee (a weightlifter who began working there solely for the buffet benefits) cited the “overcooked sirloin steaks” and “burnt omelets” they prepared while working there, which sounds a bit more dubious. What should you not miss? These rolls are “pretty f amazing.”

They know when the worst time to dine at Golden Corral is

If you want the finest buffet experience, you must visit at the optimal time of day, and as an employee, you are aware of exactly when that is. A former employee of Golden Corral who worked for the restaurant chain for four years has revealed the information.

According to this employee, the optimal times to visit Golden Corral are 11 a.m. when the restaurant opens with fresh food, and 3:55 p.m. just before the pricing transitions from lunch to dinner, allowing you to pay lunch prices while enjoying dinner items.

The worst time to travel is between peak hours, at approximately 2:30 p.m.

During this sluggish period, he added, servers tend to take breaks, resulting in unattended tables and poor service.

Going to the Corral on a Monday, which is typically a quiet day, will result in food sitting longer on the buffet trays and fewer servers being on duty.

If you speak up about Golden Corral’s food safety violations, you might get fired

If you witness something at work that you believe could harm others, such as serving spoiled and expired food to restaurant customers, you would expect that reporting the issue to management would lead to the problem’s resolution, rather than resulting in your termination.

However, according to one Ohio Golden Corral employee, this occurred.

The employee asserts recording videos of the kitchen and back of the house, including an employee trainer admitting to changing expiration dates and mixing foods.

Moreover, he personally observed chicken turning green and emitting an unpleasant odor, fish left at temperatures of 70 degrees or higher before preparation, and sustained burns due to faulty equipment.

FAQs – Golden Corral Workers Reveal What It’s Really Like To Work There

What is it like to work at Golden Corral?

Working at Golden Corral can be dynamic and fast-paced. Employees have described a hectic environment with a constant influx of consumers. It requires collaboration, adaptability, and the ability to multitask.

What are the common job positions at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral employs servers, chefs, dishwashers, managers, host/hostesses, and bussers, among other positions. Each position contributes to the restaurant’s efficient operation.

What are some challenges faced by Golden Corral workers?

Employees cite challenges such as customer demands, food quality, difficult customers, and high expectations.

Are there opportunities for growth and advancement within Golden Corral?

Golden Corral offers growth and advancement opportunities within the organization. Employees have the opportunity to advance to positions with greater responsibilities, such as shift leaders, trainers, and even managers. The availability of such opportunities may vary depending on an individual’s performance and a location’s requirements.

What are the customer interactions like at Golden Corral?

There are a variety of customer interactions at Golden Corral. Important aspects of the job include providing outstanding customer service, handling special requests, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How does teamwork play a role at Golden Corral?

Teamwork is essential at Golden Corral, where employees collaborate to ensure operations run smoothly. Employees frequently assist one another in duties such as serving tables, restocking food stations, and maintaining cleanliness. Effective collaboration contributes to a favorable working environment.

What are the work schedules like at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral’s work schedules can vary based on location and restaurant requirements. Different schedules, including mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays, are available to employees. Schedule flexibility may be available, dependent on the individual’s position and the restaurant’s needs.

Are there employee benefits offered by Golden Corral?

Golden Corral offers numerous employee benefits to qualified employees. These benefits may include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and discounts for employees. Depending on factors such as employment status (full-time or part-time) and duration of service, the specific benefits provided can vary.

What is the training process like for new employees?

Typically, Golden Corral provides new employees with training to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge for their positions. The training process may include learning about food safety, customer service standards, operating procedures, and job-specific responsibilities. The duration and structure of training may vary dependent on the nature of the position and the individual’s needs.

How do Golden Corral workers perceive their experience overall?

Individual experiences may differ, but some Golden Corral employees have expressed overall satisfaction with their employment. They appreciate opportunities for advancement, camaraderie with colleagues, engaging fast-paced environments, and serving and interacting with customers.
However, it is essential to recognize that individual experiences may vary.


The perspectives of Golden Corral employees shed light on the realities of working at the banquet restaurant chain. Employees describe a fast-paced, dynamic workplace in which collaboration is crucial.

They must manage customer demands, maintain food quality, and labor in an environment with high expectations. Golden Corral provides growth and advancement opportunities, allowing employees to advance to higher positions within the organization.

Customer interactions differ, but typically involve delivering excellent service and addressing a variety of needs. Teamwork is essential for ensuring operations run smoothly, with employees supporting one another in various duties. Depending on the position and restaurant’s needs, work schedules may be adaptable.

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