Golden Corral Menu Nutrition

Golden Corral Menu Nutrition

If you want to know the most recent pricing of the Golden Corral Menu with Prices Nutrition, you have come to the right spot. The Golden Corral Nutrition Menu list has been provided.

Want to know the calorie count for every item on the Golden Corral menu? For almost every item that Golden Corral sells, we have the serving size, calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Golden Corral Menu Nutrition

We’ve divided their culinary offerings into the following categories to get you started: Beef, Chicken, Desserts, Fish, Pasta, Quiche, Rice, Salad Dressing, Salads, Sauces, Seafood, Sides, and Soups.

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Golden Corral Nutrition Facts

We take pleasure in providing our customers with a wide selection of high-quality, fresh cuisine that suit their nutritional needs at Golden Corral.

To assist you choose your next meal at Golden Corral, search our menu database for nutritional information.

Eating Healthy at Golden Corral

Eating Healthy at Golden Corral

When you eat at Golden Corral, you can count on “friendly service, amazing value, and fresh and wonderful cuisine,” but if you’re not careful, you can also find that you overextended your calorie intake.

Avoiding “all-you-can-eat” establishments is a common suggestion when picking a restaurant since the never-ending buffet offers the chance to become overwhelmed by the selection and overindulge in tempting favorites.

There are several important rules to bear in mind when going to the Golden Corral’s Endless Buffet to help you stay on course.

What is the healthiest thing at Golden Corral?

healthiest thing at Golden Corral

Healthy Finds at Golden Corral From SparkPeople Members

  • Golden Corral Pot Roast* 206.
  • Golden Corral Sweet Potato* 137.
  • Golden Corral Fresh Steamed Broccoli (1/2 cup)* 25.
  • Golden Corral Collard Greens* 60.
  • Golden Corral Mashed Potatoes* 120.
  • Golden Corral Sirloin Steak* 219.
  • Golden Corral’s Green Beans* 34.

Nutritional Info for the Golden Corral menu

  1.  Beef
  2.  Chicken
  3.  Desserts
  4.  Fish
  5.  Pasta
  6.  Quiche
  7.  Rice
  8.  Salad Dressing
  9.  Salads
  10.  Sauces
  11.  Seafood
  12.  Sides
  13.  Soups
  14.  Entire List

Golden Corral Beef Nutrition

Golden Corral Beef Brisket

Serving Size Per 3 oz
Calories 230
Total Fat 11
Carbs 5
Protein 25

Golden Corral Vegetable Beef Soup

Serving Size Per 1 cup
Calories 80
Total Fat 1
Carbs 14
Protein 4

Golden Corral Awesome Pot Roast

Serving Size Per 3 oz
Calories 100
Total Fat 4.5
Carbs 5
Protein 10

Golden Corral Sirloin Steak

Serving Size Per 3 oz
Calories 230
Total Fat 9
Carbs 1
Protein 36

Golden Corral Macaroni and Beef

Serving Size Per 1/2 cup
Calories 110
Total Fat 3.5
Carbs 15
Protein 5

Golden Corral Chicken Nutrition

Golden Corral Rotisserie Chicken (Breast & Wing)

Serving Size Per 1 piece
Calories 310
Total Fat 15
Carbs 1
Protein 43

Golden Corral Machaca Chicken

Serving Size Per 1 serving
Calories 120
Total Fat 6
Carbs 2
Protein 15

Golden Corral Teriyaki Wings

Serving Size Per 3 wings
Calories 220
Total Fat 15
Carbs 3
Protein 17

Golden Corral Fajita Chicken

Serving Size Per 1 serving
Calories 110
Total Fat 4
Carbs 2
Protein 16

Golden Corral Rotisserie Chicken

Serving Size Per 1 breast and wing
Calories 320
Total Fat 15
Carbs 1
Protein 44

Golden Corral Desserts Nutrition

Golden Corral Gourmet Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Serving Size Per 1 slice
Calories 590
Total Fat 31
Carbs 83
Protein 2

Golden Corral Vanilla Soft Serve

Serving Size Per 1/2 cup
Calories 110
Total Fat 2
Carbs 22
Protein 1

Golden Corral Banana Pudding

Serving Size Per 1/2 cup
Calories 250
Total Fat 12
Carbs 33
Protein 3

Golden Corral Strawberry Shortcake

Serving Size Per 1 each
Calories 200
Total Fat 7
Carbs 33
Protein 2

Golden Corral Carrot Cake

Serving Size Per 1 slice
Calories 370
Total Fat 20
Carbs 49
Protein 2

Golden Corral Fish Nutrition

Golden Corral Grilled Lemon Pepper Tilapia

Serving Size Per 1 each
Calories 180
Total Fat 11
Carbs 5
Protein 15

Golden Corral Southern-Style Catfish

Serving Size Per 3 oz
Calories 210
Total Fat 14
Carbs 7
Protein 14

Golden Corral Tempura Battered Tilapia

Serving Size Per 1 each
Calories 220
Total Fat 8
Carbs 22
Protein 12

Golden Corral Breaded Catfish

Serving Size Per 2 pieces
Calories 200
Total Fat 11
Carbs 10
Protein 16

Golden Corral Salmon Lemonata

Serving Size Per 3 oz
Calories 130
Total Fat 10
Carbs 3
Protein 7

Entire List of Golden Corral Menu Items Nutritional Info

Item Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Beef Brisket 230 11g 5g 25g
Vegetable Beef Soup 80 1g 14g 4g
Awesome Pot Roast 100 4.5g 5g 10g
Sirloin Steak 230 9g 1g 36g
Macaroni and Beef 110 3.5g 15g 5g
Rotisserie Chicken (Breast & Wing) 310 15g 1g 43g
Machaca Chicken 120 6g 2g 15g
Teriyaki Wings 220 15g 3g 17g
Fajita Chicken 110 4g 2g 16g
Rotisserie Chicken 320 15g 1g 44g
Chicken Tenders 170 8g 7g 13g
Chicken Noodle Soup 80 1.5g 12g 6g
BBQ Chicken (Leg Quarter) 490 22g 21g 50g
Honey Sesame Chicken 350 16g 25g 27g
Bourbon Street Chicken 170 9g 4g 19g
Gourmet Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting 590 31g 83g 2g
Vanilla Soft Serve 110 2g 22g 1g
Banana Pudding 250 12g 33g 3g
Strawberry Shortcake 200 7g 33g 2g
Carrot Cake 370 20g 49g 2g
Cherry Cobbler 180 5g 31g 1g
Apple Cobbler 150 5g 26g 1g
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting 340 15g 53g 2g
Bread Pudding 200 4.5g 37g 4g
German Chocolate Cake 370 18g 52g 3g
Grilled Lemon Pepper Tilapia 180 11g 5g 15g
Southern-Style Catfish 210 14g 7g 14g
Baked New Orleans Style Fish 100 5g 13g
Tempura Battered Tilapia 220 8g 22g 12g
Baked Fish with Shrimp & Lemon Herb Sauce 160 10g 2g 16g
Breaded Catfish 200 11g 10g 16g
Salmon Lemonata 130 10g 3g 7g
All-American Battered Fish Fillet 220 9g 22g 12g
Baked Florentine Fish 180 12g 2g 14g
Whole Carved Salmon 120 6g 1g 13g
Tortellini & Shrimp in Lobster Sauce 160 6g 19g 8g
Linguine with Lemon Butter Herb Sauce 270 17g 23g 6g
Bacon and Cheese Quiche 280 19g 15g 11g
Mini Bacon and Cheese Quiche 240 17g 15g 7g
Mini Spinach Quiche 220 16g 15g 5g
Spinach Quiche 230 16g 14g 7g
White Rice 150 4.5g 23g 2g
Rice Pilaf 150 5g 24g 2g
Broccoli & Rice 120 5g 16g 3g
Red French Dressing 120 11g 7g
Fat Free Thousand Island Dressing 40 10g
Fat Free French Dressing 40 10g
Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing 130 11g 7g
Ranch Dressing 110 12g 2g 1g
Caesar Dressing 150 15g 2g 1g
Hot Bacon Dressing 150 14g 5g
Fat Free Ranch Dressing 35 9g
Cajun Potato Salad 230 17g 15g 5g
Seafood Salad 140 10g 9g 5g
Tuna Salad 200 14g 5g 12g
Shrimp and Seafood Salad 140 8g 6g 10g
Spinach Applewood Bacon Salad 150 11g 7g 7g
Potato Salad 250 19g 6g 5g
White Gravy 56 2.5g 4g
Italian Red Sauce 90 6g 7g 2g
Brown Gravy with Mushrooms 25 1g 4g
Poultry Gravy 25 0.5g 3g
Cheese Sauce 80 5g 4g 4g
BBQ Sauce 35 9g
Au Jus 30 2.5g 2g
Shrimp Scampi 170 13g 3g 11g
Clam Strips 140 7g 16g 4g
Popcorn Shrimp 130 6g 14g 5g
Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp 200 12g 16g 7g
Golden Delicious Shrimp 210 9g 23g 9g
Eastern Bay Breaded Scallops 140 6g 13g 8g
Breaded Shrimp 200 1.5g 32g 15g
Sweet and Sour Shrimp 140 6g 18g 3g
Collard Greens 35 1g 4g 1g
Deviled Eggs 70 5g 1g 3g
Mashed Potatoes 140 7g 18g 2g
Steamed Cauliflower 20 3g 1g
Skillet Cornbread 120 3g 22g 2g
Coleslaw 110 9g 6g 1g
Green Beans 35 1.5g 4g 1g
Steamed Broccoli 25 6g 2g
Sauteed Mushrooms 70 5g 3g 2g
Boston Clam Chowder 160 5g 17g 8g
Loaded Potato & Bacon Soup 250 14g 21g 10g

Golden Corral Diet-Friendly Options

The ability to eat what you want, or perhaps even what you need, is something we promote at Golden Corral.

Our nearly 150-item buffet, which includes options for almost any diet—from meat and potatoes to plant-based diets—helps you stay within your health objectives and feel fulfilled after your meal.

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