Golden Corral Dinner Menu

Golden Corral Dinner Menu in 2024

Golden Corral Dinner Menu: If you have visited Golden Corral. They claim to have the best buffet in America, but it’s hard to contest that claim when you visit the Golden Corral location.

Golden Corral Dinner Menu

So if you’re looking for Golden Corral dinner menu prices today, there are a few things you should know about this restaurant chain.

Below is the Golden Corral Dinner menu with Prices.

Golden Corral Dinner Menu with Prices


Golden Corral Popular Menu Items

Pot Roast $11.04
Fried Chicken Meal $9.03
Meatloaf $10.21
Smoked Chicken Meal $8.90
Bourbon Street Chicken Meal $8.80

Golden Corral Pizza Menu

Cheese Pizza $6.06
12″ Cheese Pizza $6.10
12″ Pepperoni Pizza $7.10
Pepperoni Pizza $7.05

Golden Corral Signature Salads Menu

Chicken Caesar $9.04
Cobb Salad $9.06
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.97
Garden Salad $8.98
Spinach Salad $9.02
Salad Topper – Bacon $0.99
Salad Topper – Chicken $0.99
Salad Topper – Ham $1.00

Golden Corral Individual Meals Menu

Generous portions of your Golden Corral Favorites. All entrees come with your choice of two sides and a yeast roll. Dinner Salads come with a yeast roll.
10 oz. Sirloin Steak $11.20
5 oz. Sirloin Steak $10.05

Golden Corral Signature Salad Menu

Chicken Salad Topper $0.99
Ham Salad Topper $0.99
Bacon Salad Topper $0.99

Golden Corral Catering Menu

Tuna Salad $30.22
Carved Ham $7.86
Seafood Salad $34.58
Mashed Potatoes $23.11
Seasoned Pinto Beans $17.68
Red Bliss Potatoes $18.49

Golden Corral Kids Meals Menu

Chicken Tenders $5.07

Golden Corral Salad Menu

House Salad $12.76

Golden Corral Large Party Menu

Baked Beans – Pan $18.36
Baked Ham – Priced By the lb $7.79
Fried Chicken – By the Piece $17.44
Fried Chicken – priced by the Piece $16.96
Baked Ham – priced by the pound $7.81
Baked Potatoes with Toppings – Each $2.03
Black Eyed Peas – Pan $18.23
Bourbon Street Chicken – Pan $33.37
Buttered Corn – Pan $15.57
Cabbage $15.43
Pot Roast – Pan $37.33
Carrots – Pan $15.55
Gravy $4.06
Green Beans – Pan $15.58
Mac & Cheese – Pan $25.31
Mashed Potatoes – Pan $25.14
Pinto Beans – Pan $18.16
Pot Roast – 2 Roasts $38.99
Red Bliss Potatoes – Pan $18.35
Smoked Pulled Pork – priced by the pound $10.26
Smoked/Rotisserie Chicken $11.36
Steamed Broccoli – Pan $15.56
Cabbage – Pan $15.23
Sweet Potato Casserole – Pan $25.07

Golden Corral Salads Menu – Large Party Pick Up

House Salad – Pan $19.11
Potato Salad – Pan $20.25
Seafood Salad – Pan $35.43
Tuna Salad – Pan $30.41

Golden Corral Famous Fried Chicken Menu

Fried Chicken by the Piece $1.71
6 Piece Fun Box $10.05
Six Pieces Fun Box Fried Chicken $10.00
8 Piece Whole Bird Box $14.05
12 Piece Family Box $19.02
Twelve Pieces Family Box Fried Chicken $19.34
20 Piece Crowd Pleaser $28.20
Eight Pieces Whole Bird Box $14.23

Golden Corral Large Party Platters Menu

Sides $2.03
Smoked Chicken Platter $23.54
Meatloaf Platter $21.66
Baked Ham Platter $7.74
BBQ Pulled Pork Platter $9.89
Bourbon Street Chicken Platter $33.37
Pot Roast Platter $38.16
House Salad Platter $19.15
Potato Salad Platter $20.07
Seafood Salad Platter $35.15
Tuna Salad Platter $29.99
Party Baked Potatoes $1.99
Party Black Eyed Peas $18.18
Party Buttered Corn $15.34
Party Gravy $4.01
Party Green Beans $15.33
Party Macaroni & Cheese $25.07
Party Mashed Potatoes $24.97
Party Pinto Beans $18.16
Party Red Bliss Potaotes $18.16
Party Steamed Broccoli $15.33
Party Steamed Cabbage $15.34
Party Steamed Carrots $15.34
Party Yeast Rolls $3.14

Golden Corral Hot Sides Menu

Baked Potato $2.31
Yeast Rolls $2.82

Golden Corral Large Party Platter Menu

Baked Ham $7.73
BBQ Pulled Pork by Pound $9.46

Golden Corral Beverages Menu

Gold Peak Iced Tea $3.27
Single Serve $2.87
Gold Peak Sweet Tea $3.90
Gold Peak Iced Tea 32 Ounce $2.80
Minute Maid Lemonade $4.69
Gold Peak Sweet Tea 32 Ounce $2.80
Bottled Water $2.18
Barq’s Root Beer $2.94
32 Oz Drink $2.99
Gold Peak® Unsweet Tea $4.09
Cola Cola $2.94
Coca Cola $2.77
Dr Pepper $2.77
Diet Coke $2.90
Minute Maid Lemonade 32 Ounce $2.81
Dr. Pepper $2.94
Fanta Orange $2.89
Sprite $2.90

Golden Corral Family Meals Menu

Traditional Wings $13.99
Sirloin Steak $10.03
Fried Chicken $10.12
Half and Half Wings $13.99
Buttered Corn $4.30
Smoked Pulled Pork $10.06
Boneless Wings $13.99
Bourbon Street Chicken $9.13
Baked Fish $9.01
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $4.27
Fried Fish $9.05
Steamed Broccoli $4.41
Baked Chicken $8.93
Steamed Carrots $4.34
Smoked Chicken $9.09
White Rice $4.25
Pulled Pork $10.14

Golden Corral Sides Menu

Green Beans $4.37
Baked Beans $4.34
Cold Sides $4.24
Hot Sides $2.82
Salads $3.57
Macaroni & Cheese $4.52
Steamed Cabbage $6.41
Coleslaw $4.30
Potato salad $8.03
Sweet Potato Casserole $6.92

Golden Corral Desserts Menu

Offered by the slice, half (serves 4-6) or whole cake/pie (serves 6-10).
Cheese Cake $1.64
Carrot Cake Cheesecake $1.99
Cheesecake $2.24
Carrot Cake $2.37
Chocolate Chess Pie $2.21
Chocolate Cake $2.34
Cheescake $1.63
Pumpkin Pie $2.81
Apple Pie $1.80
Blueberry Pie $1.56
Cherry Pie $1.51
Cookies $2.93
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies $3.01

Golden Corral Special Dinner Menu with Prices

Golden Corral Dinner Menu




Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11 A.M.) $10.49/person


Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Beverage Not Included $10.29/person

Adult Dinner

Beverage Not Included

Monday thru Thursday (4 P.M. – Close) $14.99/person
Friday & Saturday after 4 P.M. $14.99/person
Sunday after 11 A.M. $14.99/person


Includes Beverage

3 & Under (Free) $0.00/child
Ages 4-8 $6.99/child
Ages 9-12 $7.99/child


3 & Under (Free) $0.00/child
Ages 4-8 $7.99/child
Ages 9-12 $8.99/child



Saturday & Sunday (Open to 11 A.M.) – Ages 60 & Over. $9.99/person


Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Ages 60 & Over, Does Not Include Beverage $9.79/person

Senior Dinner

Beverage Not Included

Monday thru Thursday (4 P.M. – Close) $13.99/person
Friday & Saturday after 4 P.M. $13.99//person
Sunday after 11 A.M. $13.99//person
Senior Early Bird Special (Mon. thru Fri. from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.) – Includes Beverage $8.99/person

To Go

Breakfast $6.99/pound
Lunch (Monday thru Friday) $6.49/pound
Dinner (Monday thru Friday & all day Saturday & Sunday) $8.49/pound

Popular Golden Corral Dinner Menu Items

Menu Items Small Description Calories
Fried chicken One of the most popular items on the Golden Corral dinner menu, fried chicken is a classic comfort food. The chicken is breaded and fried to a golden brown, and it is served with a variety of dipping sauces, such as honey mustard, barbecue sauce, and ranch dressing. 320 calories per piece
Meatloaf Another popular item on the Golden Corral dinner menu is meatloaf. The meatloaf is made with ground beef, pork, bread crumbs, eggs, and spices. It is baked until it is golden brown and juicy, and it is served with a variety of sides, such as mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn. 350 calories per slice
Carved turkey Golden Corral offers a variety of carved meats, including turkey, beef, and ham. The turkey is carved to order and served with a variety of sides, such as mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. 300 calories per slice
Pot roast Pot roast is a classic comfort food that is made with beef that is slow-cooked in a broth with vegetables. The beef is tender and juicy, and it is served with a variety of sides, such as mashed potatoes, carrots, and onions. 375 calories per serving
Fish Golden Corral offers a variety of fish dishes, including fried fish, baked fish, and grilled fish. The fish is served with a variety of sides, such as rice, potatoes, and vegetables. 250 calories per serving
Steak Golden Corral offers a variety of steak dishes, including ribeye steak, New York strip steak, and filet mignon. The steaks are cooked to order and served with a variety of sides, such as mashed potatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms. 350 calories per serving (4 oz)
Shrimp Golden Corral offers a variety of shrimp dishes, including fried shrimp, scampi shrimp, and cocktail shrimp. The shrimp is served with a variety of sides, such as rice, vegetables, and cocktail sauce. 200 calories per serving
Ribs Golden Corral offers a variety of ribs, including baby back ribs, St. Louis ribs, and Texas ribs. The ribs are smoked and grilled to perfection, and they are served with a variety of sides, such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. 400 calories per serving
Lasagna Golden Corral’s lasagna is made with layers of pasta, cheese, and meat sauce. It is baked until it is golden brown and bubbly, and it is served with a variety of sides, such as garlic bread and salad. 450 calories per serving
Pizza Golden Corral offers a variety of pizza options, including cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and sausage pizza. The pizza is made with fresh dough and mozzarella cheese, and it is cooked in a brick oven. 250 calories per slice

Golden Corral Dinner Hours

Golden Corral Dinner Hours: Monday – Friday after 4pm, hours vary on Weekend.

Days Hours
Monday  after 4 p.m
Tuesday  after 4 p.m
Wednesday  after 4 p.m
Thursday  after 4 p.m
Friday  after 4 p.m
Saturday  after 4 p.m
Sunday after 11 p.m

Golden Corral dinner tips

Here are a few tips for eating at Golden Corral dinner:

  • Arrive early. The restaurant can get busy during dinner hours, so it is best to arrive early to avoid the crowds.
  • Pace yourself. It is easy to overeat at a buffet, So it is important to pace yourself.
  • Take advantage of the free refills. Golden Corral offers free refills on drinks, so be sure to take advantage of this.
  • Try new things. Golden Corral has a wide variety of food options, so try something new.
  • Don’t forget the dessert. Golden Corral has a great dessert bar, so don’t forget to save room for dessert.
  • Leave a tip. Your server is working hard to keep your plate full and your drinks refilled, so be sure to leave a tip.

Are there any discounts on Golden Corral dinner?

Yes, there are a few discounts available on Golden Corral dinner.

  • Senior discount: Golden Corral offers a senior discount to customers who are 60 years of age or older. The discount amount varies by location, but It is typically around $2 off the regular price of the dinner buffet.
  • Military discount: Golden Corral also offers a military discount to active and retired military personnel, as well as their dependents. The discount amount varies by location, but it is typically around $2 off the regular price of the dinner buffet.
  • Email subscriber discount: Golden Corral often sends out coupons & promo codes to email subscribers. You can sign up for the Golden Corral email list on their website.
  • Coupons and promo codes: There are often coupons and promo codes available for Golden Corral dinner. You can find coupons & promo codes on their website, as well as on other websites and in newspapers and magazines.

In addition to these discounts, Golden Corral also offers a variety of dinner specials. For example, on certain days of the week, they may offer a discounted price on certain items, such as steak or seafood.

Golden Corral Contact Information

Below is the Golden Corral contact information in case if you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

  • 👉 Golden Corral Office Address – 5151 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, North Carolina 27612
  • 👉 Golden Corral Phone Number – (919) 881-4465
  • 👉 Contact Form – Visit Now

FAQs About Golden Corral Dinner Menu

What time does Golden Corral start serving dinner?

Golden Corral frequently transitions from the lunch menu to the dinner menu in the early evening. Depending On the venue, The precise dinner hours may change, but in general, dinner service starts at 4:00 PM And lasts until the restaurant shuts for the day.

What can I expect to find on the Golden Corral dinner menu?

Every palate can be appeased by the variety of alternatives available on the Golden Corral dinner menu. A Range of scrumptious sweets will also be available, along with grilled meats, seafood, pasta, vegetables, salads, And soups. There is something for everyone to appreciate on the menu because it is created to accommodate various tastes and dietary preferences.

Does Golden Corral offer themed dinner nights or special menus?

It’s true that Golden Corral periodically offers themed dinners or unique menus to spice up your dining experience. These unique occasions could be centered around a particular cuisine, seasonal foods, or occasions. Watch for any forthcoming themed dinner nights or special menu announcements from your neighborhood Golden Corral.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available on the dinner menu?

The Vegetarian and Vegan options are important to Golden Corral because they recognize how important it is to accommodate different dietary demands and preferences. There are Usually a Number of Vegetable-based dishes, salads, pasta dishes, And other plant-based options on the evening menu, though the availability of vegetarian and vegan dishes may vary. It’s a good idea to ask the employees at your neighborhood Golden Corral about any special vegetarian or vegan options.

Does Golden Corral have steak every night?

Absolutely, Monday Through Saturday at 4 p.m. And Sunday at 11 a.m.

How much does Golden Corral cost in Florida?

The cost of the noon buffet at Golden Corral is $9.95 per adult. Any Day of the Week, dinner starts at 4 o’clock. You will be charged $2.19 for the drinks in addition to $11.99.

Does Golden Corral have military discount?

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Golden Corral provides a renowned, never-ending buffet with a variety of delectable old favorites and fresh menu selections. Depending on the area, your military ID will entitle you to discounts of between 10% and 20% off buffet meals.

Where is the barcode on a Golden Corral receipt?

Use the “Earn Points” Page to scan the QR code on your receipt for dine-in transactions. To earn points, you can also manually input the receipt code numbers.

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