20 Popular Golden Corral Menu Items, Ranked Best To Worst

Popular Golden Corral Menu Items: Golden Corral is a well-known buffet restaurant with a wide range of meals to suit everyone’s tastes. Customers are spoiled for choice because there are so many things to choose from on the menu.

From tasty classics to delicious desserts, Golden Corral offers a dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

In this list of the top 20 things on the Golden Corral menu, we’ll look at the best of the best. Get ready for a trip through their wide variety of meals, where we’ll show you the best that Golden Corral has to offer.

20 Popular Golden Corral Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

From juicy meats to tasty sides and irresistible sweets, this ranking will help you find your way around Golden Corral’s huge menu and make sure you have a memorable meal there. So get ready to indulge your feelings and find the best things that will make you want more.

When considering affordable lunch options,Golden Corral  menu prices offer great value for your money.

1. Golden Delicious Shrimp

Golden Delicious Shrimp

Want to know what our favorite thing to eat at Golden Corral is? You might not expect it to be a fish dish. Yes, the Golden Delicious shrimp is delicious, and if you’re not allergic to shellfish, you should try it.

Even though fried shrimp isn’t always the best fish, this is really tasty. The breading on the shrimp isn’t so thick that it overpowers the shrimp, but it is thick enough to give it a nice crunch that you won’t get from just any fried shrimp. Even though the taste is good, you shouldn’t let that stop you from putting your shrimp in whatever sauce you like.

For a surf-and-turf meal, this shrimp goes well with a light, fresh salad or a rich, hearty cut of beef. No matter what you eat it with, the Golden Delicious shrimp will be a treat. You’re going to Golden Corral, right?

2. Baked Potato Bar

Baked Potato Bar

How could we not put the baked potato bar in the top two? The baked potato bar at Golden Corral is probably one of our favorite things about the whole place. This is because you can make a baked potato taste exactly how you want it to.

What could be bad about that? It all starts with a baked potato that is cooked just right. We think you should start by adding butter, but it’s up to you. Then you get to choose a filling from a list. If you eat meat, bacon bits are a must, but cheese and onions are also good choices.

Something about being able to pick whatever you want here will really make your baked potato stand out. Even though it’s a very simple idea, it’s one of our favorite things about the place. If you want to add some carbs to your meal, don’t pass up the baked potato bar.

3. Sweet Corn Pudding

Sweet Corn Pudding

If you’re not from the South, you might not have had sweet corn pudding before. Golden Corral is a great place to try it if you’re looking for a good place to do so.

This corn pudding has a taste that is out of this world. Is it sweet? Absolutely. But the sweetness isn’t too much, and we love how the salty balances it out.

The corn gets nice and crispy on top, which gives each bite a great texture. And the inside is rich and creamy, so every bite makes you want more.

Does this sweet corn cake taste great all by itself? Of course. But it tastes even better when you put it on some of the other food on the menu. It’s so sweet that it goes well with spicy foods, like pork or even a steakburger.

And if you want to give it a little kick to make it taste even better, add some hot sauce to spice things up. Overall, we think you’ll love this sweet corn pudding as much as we did. Who can say? You might even want to figure out how to make it at home.

4. Fried Fish Fried

Are you at Golden Corral and want seafood? If you’re someone who likes seafood, you’ve probably already thought about baking fish. But you know how we feel about that stuff already.

If that’s what you really want, that’s fine, but it’s not our favorite meat on the menu. You can’t go wrong with fried fish if you want seafood but want something with a little more taste and a better texture.

We were surprised by how good the fried fish was, and we might even go to Golden Corral just to eat the fish. First of all, this fish’s breading has been perfectly fried, giving it a crispy, crunchy crust. As you cut into the filet, you’ll hear the crunch, which will make it sound even better. You’re also getting a lot more taste with that fried, crunchy outside.

We don’t know if the fish tastes better because there are more spices on it or because it is fried in more fat, but we like it either way.

The fried fish at Golden Corral might not seem like an easy choice, but don’t pass it up the next time you go there.

5. Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes

If you go to Golden Corral, you’re in luck if you like potatoes. There are so many different potato recipes on the menu that it might be hard to pick just one (but you don’t have to).

But you shouldn’t forget about scalloped potatoes when you’re trying to decide between baked potatoes and mashed potatoes. Because this is one of the best potato meals on the menu, in our opinion. In this dish, the potatoes keep some of their firmness, which gives them a great bite and texture.

The thick, cheesy sauce gives these potatoes flavor and just enough moisture to make them easier to eat. They’re going to be even more satisfying when you pair them with almost any kind of rich, dark meat on the menu.

Look, all potatoes are great, but if you want something different and a little out of the ordinary, believe us and go with scalloped potatoes.

6. Banana Pudding

6. Banana Pudding

Even though we didn’t love the other sweets on the menu, that doesn’t mean that every dessert at Golden Corral is bland. In fact, banana pudding is our favorite sweet.

When was the last time you had this sweet treat that is light and creamy? If it’s been a while, you’ll want to grab some at the spread. We love that this treat isn’t too rich or too heavy. It’s smooth and creamy, but not too rich or too much. And if you like the taste of bananas, this dessert is a clear winner.

The banana pudding isn’t too sweet, which is another thing we like about it. It definitely has sugar added to it, which helps it taste like a real dessert.

But it isn’t so sweet that you can only eat a few bites before you have to put it down. And the taste of banana? It doesn’t taste like fake bananas, but like the real thing. Are you sold yet?

7. Italian Pasta Bake

7. Italian Pasta Bake

Golden Corral is not an Italian diner, that much is for sure. Even though you won’t find carbonara or pizza made from scratch on the menu, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on pasta when you go to this restaurant. That’s because you can still eat the Italian pasta bake.

At first glance, this stuff might not look that great, but believe us: Give it a try. It’s one of the few pasta dishes on the menu, and amazingly, it’s a good one. We thought the pasta might be a little too done, but that’s not the case at all.

There is also the right amount of sauce to cheese. Often, a pasta bake has too much sauce or too much cheese, which makes the whole thing taste bad. But that doesn’t matter here.

The sauce gets deep into the pasta, giving each bite a lot of flavor. On top, the cheese melts, so you’ll get that wonderful cheese pull that makes eating a dish with cheese even more enjoyable.

This food is available at both lunch and dinner, so you can get it at Golden Corral whenever you want. There may be other things on the menu that we like more, but if you want something that tastes like Italy, this Italian pasta bake is the way to go.

8. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

There are different kinds of chicken at Golden Corral, but if you want to know which one is best, you should try the fried chicken. Even though the chicken on Bourbon Street was too dry for us to eat, you won’t have the same problem with the fried chicken.

This is because it has a thick layer of fried skin that gives it a crunch when you bite into it. Does your mouth already water? The chicken stays nice and juicy, so every bite is packed with flavor. We really like how this chicken tastes and feels, which is why we keep coming back for more.

But when it comes to taste, it’s not very strong or interesting. That doesn’t mean it’s not good, though. It just tastes like most other fried chicken you’ve had.

But sometimes, you don’t need something too unusual or different. If you just want a good piece of fried chicken, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what you choose from the rest of the menu to eat with it, you’re probably going to like this too.

9. Salad Bar

salad bar

We haven’t liked a lot of the vegetables at Golden Corral, but the salad bar is one thing we won’t complain about. One of the best things about going to Golden Corral is the salad bar.

It’s so much fun to get to choose which vegetables go well together. In fact, if you had access to a salad bar all the time, you’d probably eat a lot more salad than you do now.

When you go to the salad bar at Golden Corral, you have a lot of choices. You will, of course, be able to choose from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

You can customize your salad with a variety of toppings, including protein, cheese, and various sauces, enhancing its flavor. This gives you the freedom to choose almost anything.

Don’t think you can make a good salad? No fears. At the salad bar, there are also ready-made salads, like a seafood salad that is light and delicious on a hot day. Are there food bars that are better? Of course. But if you want to eat vegetables at Golden Corral, we think the salad bar is your best bet.

10. Cinnamon Apples

Cinnamon Apples

Cinnamon apples are another fall treat that we think is good any time of year. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t make cinnamon apples at home very often.

If you go to a place that serves them, though, you might want to give them a try. The cinnamon apples at Golden Corral are hard. They’re not great, but if that’s the kind of taste you want, they’ll do the trick.

A word of caution: these apples are very sweet, so make sure you really like sweet things before you bite into one. They also have a lot of cinnamon, so get ready for a spice that tastes like fall.

Cinnamon apples might seem like something you should only eat for dessert, but there are so many other ways to enjoy them. Pork goes well with apples that have been sweetened, so if you want to eat them together, check out the pork dish of the day. You can thank us in the future.

11. Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn’t adore pumpkin pie? It is one of those essential dishes that we have all undoubtedly tried at some point.

And while it may seem like something you should only consume during the holidays, this is not the case. If you’re looking for a sweet and creamy dessert, you can actually consume this whenever you want.

And when you visit Golden Corral, a slice of pumpkin pie will be waiting for you to take it up and consume it.

What do we think of Golden Corral’s pumpkin pie? We don’t have a particularly strong opinion on the matter. Is this the finest pumpkin pie we’ve ever consumed? Absolutely not.

It tastes exactly like the things you would find in a plastic container at the bakery section of your local supermarket. Nonetheless, there is nothing inherently incorrect with it. It tastes as ordinary as can be.

If you enjoy pumpkin pie and want to conclude your meal with it, by all means order a slice at Golden Corral. You really shouldn’t expect this to be a dessert that will boggle your mind.

12. Bourbon Street Chicken

When you first see the Bourbon Street chicken at Golden Corral’s buffet, you will likely assume it looks delicious. We must confess that the spices used to season this chicken are incredibly delicious.

It has a robust, savory taste that is quite salty, but in a positive manner. This chicken also contains a trace of sweetness, which complements the umami flavor extremely well. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the flavorful preparation of this chicken.

Nonetheless, the texture is an entirely different story. Although this poultry is tasty, it is quite dry.

Depending on the time of day you visit Golden Corral, you cannot depend on this chicken being as juicy as you would prefer. You will receive dry, tough fragments that are difficult to chew.

This delectable flavor may partially compensate for the poor texture, but it is not nearly enough to place the Bourbon Street chicken near the top of this list.

13. Baked Fish

Golden Corral offers a wide variety of meat dishes, but what if you’re looking for something on the milder side? There are some dishes that you should investigate. Among these is the baked seafood.

This is a good option if you want some protein that is a little lighter than the beef-heavy dishes on the menu, and you won’t feel overly filled after eating it. However, while it may be a healthful option, it may not be particularly appealing if you enjoy seafood.

The fish is lightly seasoned, but we believe it could have been considerably more intriguing with the addition of additional spices or even a sauce. The fish is thoroughly cooked, but there will be no crispy exterior to give texture to the dish.

Primarily, it is a mundane piece of broiled fish that is simple to prepare at home. If that’s what you want, go ahead and place your order. However, we would not go out of our way to purchase broiled fish from Golden Corral.

14. Broccoli

We were so hopeful that the broccoli at Golden Corral would change our minds about the green veggies offered at this buffet chain. However, we weren’t particularly impressed by this healthier option either.

It really feels like veggies are an afterthought at this restaurant because, almost across the board, they seem to be severely lacking much seasoning.

While the broccoli here is more well-cooked than the carrots or the green beans, it’s not particularly noteworthy either. That’s a bummer because broccoli can be really delicious when it’s cooked well.

But listen: You have to get at least a little bit of green on your plate. Therefore, you may want to grab some broccoli even if it isn’t the most appetizing item on the menu.

Your taste buds may not be too pleased, but your body will thank you for giving it the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, we don’t think the flavor of this dish will be enough to entice you to eat more veggies, though.

15. Signature Sirloin Steak

If you know anything about sirloin, you understand that it is a respectable steak cut. Is this the finest cut of flesh available? The majority would argue that it is not the case. The New York strip and filet are typically far superior to the sirloin.

However, this does not preclude this cut of flesh from being tasty. Is Golden Corral’s signature sirloin tenderloin particularly delicious? No. Similarly to the majority of other meat options at this buffet, it is startlingly dry.

However, we recognize that this is likely due to the fact that it’s a buffet and a large number of guests won’t appreciate a rarer sirloin. Therefore, while this sirloin steak is nothing to write home about, it is not the worst item on the menu.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll receive a cut that isn’t undercooked and has ample browning on the exterior.

Simply select the sirloin that appears to be the most appetizing among the others by comparing its appearance to the others. We cannot guarantee that you will adore it, but you probably won’t want to throw it away either.

16. Awesome Pot Roast

Yes, the name of this cuisine is “awesome pot roast,” and you may believe that the name explains everything about the dish. However, we do not believe the adjective “awesome” to be very reliable in this context.

Is this pot roast comparable to the meatloaf? Absolutely not. However, do you wish to place it on your plate? Again, it is unlikely.

A quality pot roast is moist and succulent. Even though it may not be the most moist and tender cut of meat available, you do not expect it to be sad and dried. Unfortunately, that is exactly what you will get from Golden Corral’s fantastic pot roast.

We were astounded by how desiccated this material was. Take just a few pieces, and you will find it so difficult to chew that you will never want to order it again.

In terms of flavor, however, the pot roast is significantly superior to the meatloaf. Even though the texture is extremely dry, you won’t feel like you’re chewing on nothing if you decide to take a nibble.

17. Carrot Cake

We are aware that the issue of carrot cake is controversial. Some people adore the vegetable-packed dessert, while others would rather consume the carrots from Golden Corral than accept that this is a legitimate dessert.

However, we tend to evaluate carrot cake on a case-by-case basis, and the carrot cake at Golden Corral is not particularly tasty.

Initially, we will begin with the texture. It is extremely dry, and even the coating on top does not make it easier to consume.

You might believe that the dessert’s flavor could compensate for its appalling dryness, but that’s not really the case. This confection is simultaneously both excessively sweet and tasteless. We’re not clear how Golden Corral accomplished this, but it appears they did.

Add to that the fact that it is covered in an excessive amount of frosting and doesn’t appear particularly appetizing. You are better off making carrot cake at home rather than purchasing it. Don’t fret, though, because Golden Corral offers a wide variety of other desserts from which to choose.

18. Green Beans

Here is yet another side dish that appeared to have potential. How could one possibly ruin green beans? They are the easiest vegetable you can prepare to accompany the other delicious dishes on your plate.

Despite the fact that this vegetable appears to be slightly more seasoned than carrots, it does not taste substantially more flavorful. There is sufficient salt on them, but other than that, there is nothing special about them. And if you are attempting to convince your child to appreciate vegetables? Good success.

We believe it’s important to eat plenty of vegetables on a regular basis, but if you’ve spent your entire existence eating green beans from Golden Corral, we’d understand if you never wanted to try them again.

They are not completely mushy, but they also lack the crispness you would expect from a fresher green bean. We would not recommend ordering green beans unless they are genuinely an afterthought.

19. Meatloaf

Meatloaf is not the fanciest, most expensive meat available in restaurants, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious when prepared properly.

Even though it appears to be a simple lump of meat, meatloaf allows for the addition of a multitude of flavor-enhancing ingredients. Despite your expectations, the meatloaf at Golden Corral is probably going to disappoint you. Why?

This meatloaf is extremely tasteless. There is absolutely nothing happening there. In fact, you almost certainly need some type of sauce to help you swallow it.

And it’s not only about taste. Certainly, some individuals prefer relatively unseasoned cuisine. But this material is also extremely desiccated. You may believe that meatloaf is naturally desiccated because that is the way it is.

However, this meat is not merely a little dried; it is extremely dry. If you want a pleasant experience at Golden Corral, you should avoid the meatloaf at all costs.

20. Carrots

We understand that you’re probably not going to Golden Corral for their vegetarian dishes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want a side of vegetables.

After all, a plate of meat and vegetables is not particularly appetizing if there is nothing to break up the monotony and add some freshness. You should therefore contemplate purchasing carrots.

We would advise against it, however. Why? These carrots are the most flavorless we’ve ever encountered.

Carrots are incredible when roasted, and they are delightfully crunchy when served fresh. But if you order them at Golden Corral, you’ll receive something in the middle: neither crisp and browned nor crunchy and gratifying, but rather sad and soggy.

The fact that they taste as though they have no seasoning does not help matters. With so many other vegetable options on the menu, we believe you should forego the carrots wholly.

FAQs – 20 Popular Golden Corral Menu Items, Ranked Best To Worst

What is Golden Corral known for?

Golden Corral is well-known for its buffet-style dining and offers an extensive selection of American-style cuisine, including broiled meats, seafood, vegetables, salads, desserts, and more.

How much does it cost to eat at Golden Corral?

The price range for an adult buffet supper at Golden Corral varies by location and time of day, but is typically between $10 and $15.

Does Golden Corral offer any discounts or promotions?

Golden Corral provides numerous discounts and promotions, such as military discounts, senior discounts, and vouchers. Consult your local Golden Corral for further details.

Does Golden Corral have any healthy options?

Yes, Golden Corral provides numerous healthful options, including grilled meats, salads, and vegetables.

Are there any allergen-free options at Golden Corral?

The “Gluten-Friendly” menu at Golden Corral lists menu items that do not contain gluten. Nevertheless, due to the buffet style service, cross-contamination is possible; therefore, it is essential to inform the staff of any food allergies.

Does Golden Corral have a rewards program?

Yes, Golden Corral offers a rewards program called “Good as Gold Club,” through which members can earn points for dining and receive special discounts and offers.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available at Golden Corral?

There are vegetarian and vegan options available at Golden Corral, despite the restaurant’s focus on meat-based fare. These may consist of salads, vegetable sides, and plant-based entrees.

How does the seafood selection at Golden Corral compare to other seafood restaurants?

The seafood assortment at Golden Corral varies, but typically includes shrimp, fish, and crab legs. However, the quality and variety may vary from seafood-specific restaurants.

Are the desserts at Golden Corral worth trying?

Yes, Golden Corral offers an extensive selection of highly esteemed desserts. From cakes and pies to ice cream and pastries, a variety of sweet appetites can be satisfied.

What are some of the least popular menu items at Golden Corral?

The popularity of menu items can differ, but certain side dishes and specialty items that cater to specific tastes may be considered less popular at Golden Corral. For the most up-to date information, it is always best to consult with the staff or refer to customer reviews.


Golden Corral provides an array of popular menu items that cater to a variety of preferences. Prime Rib, Fried Chicken, Pot Roast, BBQ Ribs, and Macaroni and Cheese are some of the most highly regarded entrees.

These items are renowned for their quality and flavor, making them frequent client favorites. Golden Corral also offers vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a variety of tempting desserts.

Although some menu items may be less popular than others, Golden Corral has something for everyone.

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