How much are Golden Corral Early Bird specials?

Golden Corral, the beloved American chain of buffet restaurants is well-known for its numerous and varied choices for dining. 

In the multitude of choices offered among the many options, Golden Corral’s Early Bird specials stand out as a great opportunity for those looking for a memorable breakfast or lunch with a reduced price. 

In this post we’ll explore the Golden Corral’s Early Bird specials, exploring the cost, menu choices as well as the timings, plus all you need to know to get the most value from the tempting special offer.

Includes Beverage
Monday – Friday (11am – 3pm) $9.99*


One of the most attractive deals offered on offer at Golden Corral includes The Early Bird Special. This pricing offer gives customers discounts on their meals when they go to the restaurant at certain times during the day. 

This is a fantastic option to savor a tasty meal at a cheaper cost, particularly for those with families or who are on a tight budget.


Golden Corral also offers discounted pricing options for seniors. These discounts typically apply to customers aged 60 or older, and can provide significant savings on meals. 

A great choice for budget-conscious seniors looking for a tasty dining experience without emptying their wallets.


Golden Corral was founded in 1973 by James Maynard and William F. Carl. The first Golden Corral restaurant opened within Fayetteville, North Carolina, offering customers an all-you can-eat buffet for only $2.99. 

This idea proved to be popular, and quickly Golden Corral restaurants were popping everywhere across the country.

Over time, Golden Corral has continued to expand and change yet remains faithful to the roots of its business.

 Golden Corral is recognized for its dedication to using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients as well as its commitment to give its time to helping the local community.


Food of Golden Corral is filled with tasty options that will satisfy any taste or preferences. From delicious meats to delicious salads there’s plenty to satisfy all on the menu at Golden Corral. 

Some of the most sought-after menu items include the well-known Golden Corral Pot Roast, the Bourbon Street Chicken, and the Fried Chicken.

For those who are looking for healthier alternatives There is an array of salads, fresh vegetables and food items available. 

For those who love desserts, Golden Corral is famous for its chocolate fountain which lets customers put fruit and other sweets into a warm pool of chocolate that has been melted.


Alongside other options, such as Early Bird and senior pricing options, Golden Corral also offers various deals and promotions as well as discounts ands all through the year. 

They may offer special discounts to military members, discounts for families with children as well as other. Customers can go to on the Golden Corralwebsite or ask the restaurant in their area for more details on the latest offers and discounts.

Additionally, it continues to attract customers with its excellent service and comfortable dining atmosphere.

 No matter if you’re looking for a quick meal or a dinner for the whole family, Golden Corral has something for every person. 

With its dedication towards giving an extra helping hand to its community as well as numerous promotions and specials, it’s no wonder that Golden Corral has become an iconic destination for diners all across the nation.

FAQs – How much are Golden Corral Early Bird specials?

What is Golden Corral?

Golden Corral is a buffet-style chain restaurant with a wide variety of American comfort food options.

Where can I find a Golden Corral restaurant?

Golden Corral has locations throughout the United States. To find the closest Golden Corral restaurant to your place of residence, you can visit their website or use a search engine. 

What are the operating hours of Golden Corral?

The operating hours may vary based on the location, but generally Golden Corral restaurants serve breakfast lunch, dinner, and breakfast. It is suggested to contact the restaurant in your area for their specific time of operation.

What is the price range for dining at Golden Corral?

The cost of the Golden Corral can vary depending on where you are located, what time of the day it is, and whether it’s a weekend or a weekday. However, the majority of the time, Golden Corral offers affordable prices for their food buffet. Additionally,

Are there any special discounts or promotions at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral occasionally offers special discounts and promotions like Early Bird specials, senior discounts, or even special offers for the holiday season. These promotions may vary according to the location and season.

Do I need to make reservations at Golden Corral?

In the majority of cases, reservations are not necessary in the Golden Corral. Golden Corral operates on a first-come and first-served basis. However, it’s recommended to inquire with the restaurant you frequent particularly for large parties or at busy time.

What food options are available at Golden Corral?

Golden Corral offers a wide selection of menu options which include grilled fish, meats, vegetables, salads, desserts, soups, and much more. Moreover, the restaurant often hosts special nights or menu items to suit diverse preferences.

Can I take food to-go from Golden Corral?

Certainly, it is true that Golden Corral offers a take-away service where you can create a take-out box filled with your preferred items at the restaurant’s buffet. However, it’s worth noting that the cost for take-out may differ from the pricing for dine-in dining.

Does Golden Corral offer any special menus for dietary restrictions?

Golden Corral aims to provide choices for a variety of diet preferences and limitations. There are usually gluten-free, vegetarian and healthy options available. But, it’s recommended to call the nearest Golden Corral or check their website for specific options on diets.

Does Golden Corral have a loyalty or rewards program?

It’s true, Golden Corral has a loyalty program that is called Good as Gold Club. When you sign up, you get exclusive deals, birthday treats and many other advantages. Sign up is easy on their website or ask for more information at the local Golden Corral restaurant.


If you’re thinking “How much are Golden Corral Early Bird specials?” Furthermore, you can now make a well-informed decision on your next dining experience.

Golden Corral’s Early Bird specials not only provide a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at a reasonable cost but also offer a wide range of choices to satisfy every palate. Furthermore,

Whether you’re an early bird or prefer a lunchtime meal, Golden Corral has you covered with their delicious buffet options. Additionally,

 Be sure to inquire the local Golden Corral for specific timings as well as discounts and other specials they might have. Also, prepare your appetite and enjoy the delicious Early Bird specials at Golden Corral!

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