Golden Corral Catering – How to order Golden Corral Catering

Golden Coral Catering – They currently hold over 500 locations throughout the United States.

It’s hard to complain about Golden Coral’s menu price.

Golden Coral is an American family-style restaurant chain specializing in home-style meals. Their menu offers a buffet you can eat with a selection of American favorites such as grilled-to-order sirloin steak, rotisserie chicken, pot roast, bourbon-style chicken, meatloaf and more.

Don’t forget the BBQ option. A sweet, home-style barbecue sauce of beef, chicken or pork is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

Golden Corral Catering

They are also offering catering services that are available at their banquet venues or at the customer’s own place.

Golden Coral Catering is perfect for any type of event, whether it’s for an intimate dinner or a large gathering.

With their various catering packages, you can definitely find something that best suits your catering needs. All of their food packages come with full dining utensils and serving equipment so you don’t have to spend much time setting the table.

If you are planning to place an order with them, be sure to contact them at least one day before the event. You can place your order over the phone or at their local stores near you.

Golden Corral Catering Menu with Prices


Lunch And Dinner Catering Packages

Out to Lunch Per Person $7.99
GC Picnic Per Person $8.99
A Day in the Park Per Person $9.99
GC Barbecue Per Person $9.99
BBQ Ribs Per Person $11.99
That Was Awesome Per Person $8.99
Todays Special Per Person $8.99
A Fine Dine Per Person $14.99

Breakfast Catering Packages

Light Continental Per Person $6.99
Worth Getting Up For Per Person $7.99
Country Breakfast Per Person $8.99

Holiday Catering Packages

Holiday Essentials Per Person $7.99
Gobble Till You Wobble Per Person $11.99
Holiday Feast Per Person $15.99

Wedding Catering Packages

Light & Easy Per Person $7.99
Simple & Elegant Per Person $9.99
Wedding Complete Per Person $10.99
Wedding Complete Plus Per Person $15.99

How to order Golden Corral Catering

You can surely rest assured that you can order dishes online from Golden Corral Menu because it has a great option for its customers such as catering.

By ordering from the official website of your favorite meals, you’ll have your food delivered but in special disposable containers.

Keep in mind, that Golden Corral orders contain already plates, food, and serving utensils.

However, there is another way to order catering online, and that is you need to call (800) 488-1803, where they will take your order and bring it to you shortly.

For details and to order online, please click here.

Why Choose Golden Corral For Your Catering Needs

You can bring a great home-style meal to your table. Whether you are hosting an intimate family dinner or a huge party, Golden Coral can definitely provide you with extraordinary food for your guests.

Popular catering choices at Golden Coral

Golden Coral offers BBQ, lunch, dinner and breakfast catering packages. One of the delicious door keys is the Golden Coral option that lets you customize the package you choose.

BBQ rib package – Along with the ribs, you can choose your vegetables, including cut corn, green beans and baby carrots.

Next you need a side dish of heavy potato salad, smoked cheese potatoes or sweet BBQ baked beans. Drinks, desserts and rolls are also served.

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