Changes You Didn’t Know Golden Corral Has Made During The Pandemic

Changes You Didn’t Know Golden Corral Has Made During The Pandemic , Golden Corral has implemented a number of surprising adjustments.

To ensure the safety and well-being of its patrons and employees, the restaurant has implemented a number of new precautions. The era of self-service buffets has passed.

Golden Corral has instead adopted a cafeteria-style service in which employees serve customers directly, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

Furthermore, Golden Corral has implemented enhanced sanitation protocols, including frequently cleaning high-touch areas and installing hand-sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

Additionally, Golden Corral has implemented online ordering and contactless payment options to reduce physical contact.

Not only do these modifications prioritize health and safety, but they also demonstrate the restaurant’s dedication to adapting to the challenging pandemic circumstances.

One thing that sets Golden Corral apart is its competitive menu prices, making it a top choice for a budget-friendly meal.

Major changes for the buffet giant

This decision to include alcohol may appear minor and seem like a smart business decision to the average restaurant patron, but it contradicts a long-standing company policy at Golden Corral.

The restaurant purposefully omitted alcohol from menus for years, and Golden Corral required each franchise to refrain from selling alcohol.

The chain avoided staying open late, ostensibly to maintain the illusion that it was family-friendly.

If you’ve ever desired you could eat country-fried steak with a frozen margarita, now is your chance!

If this new Golden Corral image appeals to you, be sure to visit your local location shortly to take advantage of the chain’s new alcohol menu. If that isn’t enough to convince you to return, Delish reports that the chocolate fountain has also returned.

You can once again live large at Golden Corral, although the fountain must have plexiglass enclosures and staff members must dip the desserts.

Visit soon and take advantage of the two-drink limit while you can; if the addition of alcohol doesn’t attract customers, the menu may soon remove daiquiris.

FAQs – Changes You Didn’t Know Golden Corral Has Made During The Pandemic

How has Golden Corral adapted its dining experience during the pandemic?

Golden Corral has converted from self-service buffets to cafeteria-style service in which employees serve consumers directly. This modification reduces the risk of contamination and makes dining safer.

What safety measures has Golden Corral implemented?

In addition to implementing cafeteria style service, Golden Corral has enhanced its sanitation protocols.These measures contribute to maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.

Can I still enjoy a variety of food options at Golden Corral?

Yes, despite the modifications, Golden Corral continues to provide a vast selection of food options. Although self-service buffets are unavailable, the cafeteria style service allows customers to select their desired items, which are then served by staff.

Are there any changes in pricing or menu options?

Prices and menu options at Golden Corral may vary by location and local regulations. It is recommended to contact your local Golden Corral restaurant in order to obtain accurate pricing and menu information.

Is Golden Corral offering online ordering or takeout options?

Yes, Golden Corral has responded to the pandemic by offering online ordering and takeout. This enables customers to experience their Golden Corral favorites in the comfort of their own homes.

Can I still have a dine-in experience at Golden Corral?

Yes, Golden Corral continues to offer dine-in service. To assure the safety of customers and employees, a cafeteria style service has replaced the self-service buffet.

Are there any changes to the hours of operation?

Before planning a trip to a local Golden Corral restaurant, it is advisable to confirm its specific operating hours.

What measures are in place to maintain social distancing?

Golden Corral has enacted measures to promote social separation. This includes rearranging seating to maintain an adequate distance between customers and installing floor markings to assist customers in maintaining a secure distance while in line.

Are employees at Golden Corral required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Yes, Golden Corral employees are required to wear PPE, such as masks and gloves, to safeguard the safety of both employees and customers.

How has customer feedback been regarding the changes made by Golden Corral?

The majority of customer responses to the changes implemented by Golden Corral have been positive. During the pandemic, customers value the restaurant’s commitment to safety and are pleased with the adapted dining experience.


During the pandemic, Golden Corral has made significant adjustments to prioritize the health and safety of its customers and employees. Adaptations include replacing self-service buffets with cafeteria-style service, implementing improved sanitation protocols, and introducing online ordering and delivery options.

These modifications have enabled Golden Corral to continue providing a wide variety of cuisine while minimizing the risk of contamination.

In addition to implementing measures to maintain social distance, the restaurant mandates that employees don personal protective equipment. Positive customer feedback regarding these modifications indicates their contentment with the redesigned dining experience.

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